Wedding Planning Your Way!

the Wedding of your Dreams while not Breaking the Bank

Life, Love, & Budgets: Finding The Sweet Spot For Your Dream Wedding Without the Financial Stress!

Wedding Planning, Wedding Styling and Artificial Flowers

Understanding Your WEDDING & LIFE BUDGETS

while building the Wedding of your Dreams & not Emptying Your Bank!

Let's look at the facts ...

Fact 1
Shock to the System

You never thought your Wedding Day would be so Expensive!

Fact 2
A Budget Nightmare

There are so many hidden costs that you never thought of!

Fact 3
Stuck & Confused

You want to create a Dreamy Wedding but you have no idea where to start!

How we can Help - Your One-Stop Shop For Your Wedding Day

Full Wedding Planning
100% Done for you

Budget Wizardry
Keep the numbers together

Vendor Magic
Help with the crew

Wedding | Event Styling
Creating the sparkle

Peace of Mind

Theme Creation
Bringing the Dream Together

Time Management
On the Day Freedom

Group Consultations
Work with the Gang

Mood Board | Styling
Knowing where to Start

Finding your Style 

DIY Wizardry School
Join our online class

Guest Management
Getting the Guests Moving

Asymmetrical flower design. Picture by Darina Belonogova

Creating MemoriesWhere Dreams BecomeReality✨

Where attention to detail and a whole lot of love for your vision come together, we're here to create unforgettable moments on your wedding day. 

Leave the stress behind as we sprinkle our wedding magic and transform your dreams into a reality. Get ready for a day filled with laughter, love, and personalised perfection!

Your Wedding Planning Genie! aka The Wedding Wizard

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the daunting task of planning your dream wedding?

Are you worried that the stress and countless details might overshadow the joyous occasion you've been eagerly awaiting?

Look no Further ...

At FYF & Event Planning, we understand the challenges you face and are here to solve them with our exceptional wedding planning and event styling services.

Artificial flower arches for your wedding. Somewhere pretty to take a picture of your favourite fur baby

Picture This ...

Instead of juggling multiple vendors, coordinating timelines and ensuring every element aligns perfectly, you're gracefully gliding through the chaos of wedding preparations with the help of a whimsical companion.

No more spreadsheets, binders, or late-night Pinterest scrolling. Instead, meet the Wedding Whisperer,

Beryl your trusty sidekick!

Need help with negotiations?
The Wedding Whisperer will charm vendors into giving you more for less.

How to relieve the stress of planing your wedding?

Stressed about seating arrangements?
Navigating complicated relationships and reunions gone sour?

Rest easy as we expertly orchestrate seating arrangements that foster harmony and rekindle connections.

Dress fittings?
Want someone to go dress shopping with. We will find a gown that's both stunning and stretchy & to budget.

Flowers that shine supreme! 

Artificial faux silk & real touch flowers for your wedding day

Elevating every petal with passion & your. unique style. We can even make a daisy look regal.

Dealing with opinionated relatives?
Diplomacy in Action

Brides Entrance with Bridesmaids

Harmony amidst strong opinions: Navigating Opinionated Relatives with Grace and Expertise.

and more  ... And More ...

We are here to create the wedding of your Dreams just the way you like it!!!

Together, we'll embrace the magic, laugh through the journey, and create lifelong memories.

With the Wedding Whisperer, wedding planning becomes a breeze. So, let's dive into the adventure of love and laughter.
 Your dream wedding awaits!

Boho Artificial Wedding Flowers for Amy & Cal's wedding

Our services

Removing the stress from planning your wedding with your own expert
Finding your event Mojo with your own expert. Wedding Styling without the stress
Learning how to create and design your wedding flowers and styling from scratch

Next WorkshopWEDDING STYLING to Suit your Budget

Get your complimentary Online Wedding Planning Ticket to help you plan your Fairytale Wedding


Wedding planning and exercise

What's happening next ... Plan with an Wedding Planner
In-house (yes you get to meet me and shake my hand)

Question: How many times have you heard ...
'You should be able to Plan your Wedding. I did it.'

But are you struggling with: Overwhelm and Panic
You just don't know where to start, Beryl's Wedding Planning Group is for you.

We talk about all things wedding, from where to start, the styling, using artificial flowers with confidence & pizzazz.

The Master the Art of Your Wedding Dreams

Orla and her husband destination wedding Hamilton Island
Wedding Planning & Styling Workshop
The amazing Jenna and her handsome dad with her Hand-made red leather bouquet

Planning your Fairytale Wedding & Event Styling with Forever Yours Flowers
When only the Best will Do!

About Your Wedding Planner, Wedding Stylist, & Event Coordinator.

Beryl Hedger, Owner & Creator of Forever Yours Flowers

Hi, I'm Beryl
Wedding Coach 
Passionate about making your dreams come true

The facilitator of your vision The brains & the hands

Our ultimate mission is to transform your wedding dreams into a breathtaking reality, all without making any compromises along the way.

Consider me your dedicated captain, steering you through the sometimes tempestuous waters of wedding planning while ensuring we keep a firm grip on your budget.

Hold on tight, because we're not just about the logistics and details.

Oh no! We're all about bringing back the laughter and joy into the planning process.

I firmly believe that wedding planning should be a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your partner. So, get ready to throw away those stress balls and put on your dancing shoes, because we're going to have a blast working together!

From brainstorming wild ideas to selecting the perfect playlist that will keep your guests dancing all night long, we'll infuse every step with laughter and excitement. No dull moments here—just pure joy and unforgettable memories.

So, my dear couples, let's embark on this incredible adventure together. We'll navigate the ins and outs of wedding planning with a skip in our step and laughter in our hearts. Get ready to create a celebration that not only reflects your unique love story but also brings a smile to your face every step of the way.

Reach out to me now, and let's embark on a wedding planning experience that will leave you with memories that will make you giggle for years to come. Anchors aweigh, and let the laughter-filled planning commence!

Forever Yours, Flowers & Event Planning

Your Flowers will Not Wilt on your Wedding Day

We are specialists in the the unique and individual

Every design is handcrafted and hand-painted with your wedding dream in mind. Artificial wedding flowers made from Australia's best quality artificial silk, real Touch & dried flowers. All bouquets

Fully tailed wedding and event service available for your wedding day, engagement, elopement or bridal shower.

Order your Dream Wedding Flowers

All flowers are Hand Designed in our Melbourne Studio with Love!

I wanted an unconventional, colourful and a very unique bouquet and she created a beautiful piece of art that made feel the luckiest bride. I love how passionate Beryl is about her job. ~Marcella

What Amy said: I hired Beryl to design all of my wedding florals and I couldn't recommend her more!

She is so warm, patient and friendly to work with - she was able to take the ideas in my head and turn it into an absolute masterpiece, above and beyond all expectation!

Beryl's care and attention to detail is so clear, right down to the smallest buttonhole. Many of our wedding guests were raving about our beautiful bouquets and arrangements - they couldn't believe they weren't real.

Thank you so, so much Beryl. Your flowers were the perfect finishing touch to our special day.

Quality Artificial Flowers

What you will get when working with FYF?

  • Every flower creation is unique,
  • hand-crafted and hand-painted in our studio in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and designed in house by our Master Textile Artist.
  • All flowers are interview to make sure they are up to the job for your special day.
  • We are not do cheap and nasty.
  • It is your wedding and we take pride in making your flowers look as realistic and as perfect as possible.
  • The flowers are there to support you on your day and of course, it's all about the wedding photos.

It's all about the photos , we want everyone to think they are real.

What Barbara Thought of her new daughter in-law's flowers

Hi Beryl,
About you and "Forever Yours" I have learned only last weekend, at my son's wedding.
Alahna and her Bridesmaids presented the true masterpieces of your artistry!
You have been an amazing creator of their stunning bouquets.
My most cordial and sincere thanks and congratulations on your talents and hard work with such magnificent results.
With kind regards,
Barbara of Lilydale, Victoria

Owner, Head Designer, Wedding Mentor

I know everyone deserves a piece of art for their wedding & you are no exception.

Every bouquet, buttonhole, corsage, headpiece, wedding decoration is made with love.

While studying fresh flowers, I have developed a technique that will have everyone thinking your flowers are really real and they will look amazing in the photos and in your home for years to come

Beryl Hedger (Your own Personal Master Textile Artist)

  1. You will not find $2 shop flowers in our studio because we  We will not create $2 shop flower designs.
  2. No-one wants that fake-looking flower that you find in the $2 shop in their bouquet. 
  3. $2 shop Flowers are not invited to our studio, only the most enchanting artificial flowers are used.

Flower Design Workshops
Group Classes

Available Online & In Person

You Want To Learn How To Do This Yourself In A Group. Forever Yours Flowers runs classes every month. Online and in person. 

Weddings Are So Much Fun
Come To Our Studio In Keilor East And Have Some Fun.

You can't get to the studio, then we can jump on a zoom and design & create your wedding together. 

Private Workshops

Available Online & In Person

And Turn A ‘Bunch Of Flowers’ Into A Stunning Masterpiece

You Want To Share Our Time
Learn By Yourself At A Time That Suits You

Hen's Parties

In the Studio or At Your Home

Looking For An Alternative To The Traditional Hens Parties?

Introducing The Newest Most Stylish Hens Day Out!

Each day is unique to you because you are special to us!

Praise and Testimonials
What our Brides & Grooms say about us?

Hand-painted, personally designed artificial flowers

We would like to thank you for doing our bouquet for our wedding at the last minute. It was beautifully done.

We really appreciate that you did in very short notice. We would definitely recommend to our friends and families.

 Regards Preet & Riz 

Large bridal white bouquet, ready to send today!

Just from the first meeting I had with Beryl I could see how amazing she is at what she does..

I'm so grateful ... she was so bubbly and passionate and more than happy to help me.

This superwoman is amazing!! Thank you thank you!  I'm very grateful

Flock Babies Breath artificial wedding bouquet

Since the moment I met Beryl at our first appointment I knew she was the right person to create a bouquet that matches perfectly what I am about.

I wanted an unconventional, colourful and a very unique bouquet and she created a beautiful piece of art that made feel the luckiest bride. I love how passionate Beryl is about her job.

Beryl thanks for my beautiful flowers, for sharing a bit of your life with me and for all the advice for the big day. Forever grateful 

Artificial Sunflowers make the most beautiful bouquets.

Amazing! Beryl is exact what you look for when finding a florist! She is kind, listened to what I wanted and shared her own vast experience to make the bouquets perfect.

Her flowers are very high quality, they tricked a few people on my wedding day! She was sensitive to my budget and generous with her time.

Beryl made making my wedding flowers a fun experience, not just a job. Thank you Beryl!

Latest Articles

A little bit more about what inspires
Beryl Hedger

Master Textile Artist and Wedding Planner

When I meet my couples, I want to fall in love with their dream. They are taking me on a wedding adventure, their wedding journey.

We sit, we sometimes have coffee and we talk about what makes them happy. What makes their heart miss a beat when we talk about their wedding plans.

From the dress to the church and more, we talk about what they want and what they don't want. So when you step into my studio, it's with open arms to start designing and creating an amazing wedding just for you.