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What Bouquet is that?

What bouquet style is that?

Forever Yours Flowers teaches you how to design and create tiny bouquets.

Hand-tied Garden Bouquet

Learn how to design and create Mini Cascading Bouquet workshop

Mini Cascading Bouquet

Learn how to design and create Mini Cascading Bouquet workshop

Learn the Art of Miniature Bouquets

What bouquet style is that? Getting married is exciting & excitement is contagious and you deserve the best flowers. And then you start searching Instagram & Pinterest for inspiration and start to realise how many different types of wedding bouquets there are.

You start to freak out. You don't know what bouquet will go with your amazing dress. You're looking & looking and the more you look, the more overwhelmed you start to get.

Your florist wants you to place the order and the thing is, you are worried. You don't know whether to order fresh or fake flowers. If I order fresh flowers will they live or die and all you wanted to do was choose a bouquet shape.

You are subject to conditions that are out of your control.

  • It so hot your flowers may wilt or even die
  • Your flowers won't look like your dream vision
  • Your flowers don't turn up on time and you might have to walk down the aisle without them
  • You can't get the flowers you have always wanted
  • The Bridesmaid's flowers look better than yours and you are jealous
  • The flowers are the wrong colour and they don't match your theme

I could go on & on but that's not going to make you feel better UNLESS you use our amazing, high quality artificial flowers that you can get delivered to you home weeks before your special day 

Today, we going to talk about What Bouquet style is that?

Many of my brides (& grooms) get confused at all the different names that a bouquet can have.

  • Cascade Bouquet or a Waterfall Bouquet
  • Formal Bouquet
  • Informal Bouquet
  • Hand-tied Bouquet
  • Posy Bouquet
  • Garden Bouquet
  • Boho Bouquet 
  • Composite Bouquet & many, many more

Today, I'm going to talk about just some of the many shapes that you can get in a bouquet so that you will know what bouquet type to order from us, today. 

Let's start with ... 

Artificial faux silk & real touch flowers for your wedding day

Artificial silk & real touch flowers for your wedding day

The Unstructured Boho Wedding Bouquet

The unstructured bouquet is great for that boho wedding vibe.This is for the bride who likes to go against tradition and follow her own rules.

The bride that is a bit of a rebel and is definitely an individual at heart.The unstructured bouquet is deliberately not symmetrical and is very unique, a little quirky and very bespoke. You can go as big and as wild as you like.

Orla and her husband destination wedding Hamilton Island

Orla and new her husband destination wedding Hamilton Island

Just Picked From Grandmamma's Garden

You land in grandmamma's garden and pick random flowers. This design is most popular designs and can be created using a variety of flowers in different colours, sizes, shapes and textures.

This bouquet is designed to showcase the bride and her dress. The flowers are just the supporting actor/actress for the day.

Formal Cascading Artificial Flower Bouquet

Formal Cascading Artificial Flower Bouquet

The Cascading Bouquet

This Bouquet Is Large And Very Theatrical. It's Teardrop Shape Cascades Or Fall Down In A Less Formal Shape Yet Very Grand. This Bouquet Is More Expensive, Due To The Complexity Of Design.

A Natural, Loose And Relaxed Feel And Can Be Made Smaller, Of Course. It Would Look Amazing In Your Home For Years To Come.

A More Formal Version Of The Cascading Bouquet Is The Formal Teardrop Bouquet. Great For The Cathedral Type Wedding.

Hannah and Bryce's Mackay wedding with silk, real touch and dried artificial flowers

Hannah and Bryce's Mackay wedding with silk, real touch and dried artificial flowers

Clutch or Informal Hand-tied Bouquet

An Understated, Small Posy That Can Be Easily Held In One Hand. 

This Is A Common Style For Bridesmaids. Most Brides Prefer A Medium To Large Size Bouquet.

Clutch Bouquets Have A More Casual Air And Are Particularly Nice For Garden Weddings And Brides Who Like The Feeling Of An Un-Arranged Gathering Of Flowers.

Made for the lovely Brittany to complement her amazing ball gown 

The Round or Formal Bouquet

A round bouquet is exactly as the name suggests, round.

Usually brides choose this for a more formal wedding style.

This classic shape is for the bride that doesn't like foliage sticking out everywhere. Usually this type of bouquet has one or two different types of flowers

This is your wedding, you can have as many different artificial flowers as you chose.

Where can we find Forever Yours Flowers & Event Planning ... we are based in Melb Aust 

Yes, we are an Aussie based business and each flower arrangement is a quality creation designed in our Melbourne showroom for your special day. And created with love, care and attention to detail with a Qualified Master Textile Artist.

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