Real Touch Wedding Bouquet


Colour: Handmade – An amazing artificial flower bouquet in ‘Bridal White’.
Size: Large Bouquet 33cm x 33cm x 33cm (Length)
Shape: Formal Round Bouquet
Weight: 350 gms
Delivery Time: Bouquets are usually sent within 24 hours of purchase.
Postage: Next day delivery after completion of order is available

      • Allergy and sneeze free faux flowers
      • Look real and feel real
      • Won’t die
      • Travel well
      • These flowers are perfect example for a destination wedding

Just some of the reasons Why Use Us:

Unique … Something No-One else will have …
Made and Designed by your personal Master Textile Artist
A piece of Art you can keep Forever

Other sizes available: Extra Large on request, Medium, Small, X-small, single flowers for the flowergirl in your life.
Other flower bouquet designs available: Hand-tied, cascading, nosegay, presentation, basket, ring and many many more.


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Bridal White Artificial Wedding Flower Bouquets:

These Bridal White artificial or faux Flower Wedding bouquets are ready to be sent today for your wedding.

Each bouquet is made in our studio in Melbourne, Australia. Designed and handmade for you.

Not to mention these faux flowers feel real to touch and looks so amazing.

Bouquet Description

  • First these are Allergy and sneeze free faux flowers
  • Second these flowers look real and feel real
  • Third is that they won’t die
  • Forth is these flowers travel well
  • These flowers are perfect example for a destination wedding e.g. our flowers went to Cancun Mexico
  • There are some places around the world don’t allow live plants or flowers. e.g.Hamilton Island in Queensland and Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria
  • In addition each bouquet is made with love.
  • Each bouquet is finished with a beautiful satin ribbon
  • Full customisation available: Different ribbon colours, different flower colours for additional cost
  • Sizes available for purchase: Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small Bouquets, Single flower designs for flowergirls
  • Bespoke and unique designs available on request
  • Other silk, real touch and flock flowers available

These uniquely graceful flowers are easy to care for. Also after your special day will look amazing sitting on the kitchen or dining room table. This is such a bonus!

Flowers that you can keep. Moreover are the memories of your wedding day!

Your favourite wedding colour!

These stunning flowers can be painted for you. As a textile artist, Beryl (me) specialises in hand-painting and hand-spraying silk and real touch flowers to match your wedding vision.

In addition you might have a colour you want like red, yellow, maybe orange or purple. Other colours these can be created for you

Time to confuse your your guests:

  • They look real, your guests will not believe that they are not real
  • Bonus to not have to throw away your flowers after your wedding day
  • These flowers will start next to you in your photos


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Learn how to take care of your beautiful bouquets.  Faux Flower Care

Book an appointment with Beryl today to discuss your wedding dream


Large Bridal White Bouquet, Medium Bridal White Bouquet, Small Bridal White Bouquet, Single Rose Bridal White


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