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10 Benefits of using Artificial flowers for your Wedding

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Why Our Artificial Flowers?

There are many benefits of using Artificial flowers for your Wedding, here are just 10 for you. Artificial Flowers are becoming more and more popular. The quality of artificial flowers over the years has improved so much that faux flowers like ours are hard to tell from the real thing.

I have put together a list of ten reasons why I think silk and real touch flowers are the perfect alternative to fresh flowers.

Don’t get me wrong we love fresh flowers, but as a person that suffers from continuous hay-fever, I personally know of their downside of real flowers and how gorgeous silk flowers can make a wonderful alternative without compromising on beauty. The other bonus is, you get to keep your bouquet forever.

Forever Yours Flowers offers a range of artificial designs from our studio in Melbourne for you to rent. 

Here are the 10 Top Benefits of using artificial flowers on your wedding day

Benefit Number One

Artificial flowers Hand-tied Boho Unstructured Wedding Bouquet

Long Lasting - Forever Yours

Silk, flock and real touch flowers have the obvious benefit of lasting, Forever. That is why Forever Yours Flower & Event Planning loves to use them. 

Our realistic faux flowers will look fresh and beautiful year-round regardless of the season, temperature or where they are placed. They will not wilt on your wedding day. 

Benefit Number Two

Artificial faux silk & real touch flowers for your wedding day

Why Faux Flowers are Cost-effective?

As a rule fresh flowers last up to a week and often less and certainly are not looking their best after five days.

Over Covid, many couples wasted a lot of money because weddings could not happen. One couple spent many $1000's of dollars on the postponement of their wedding (4 times). 

Having our luxury artificial flowers ready to go for your wedding day, allows you the beauty that flowers bring without the fear that they will die or will not be what you dreamed about for your wedding

Our silk flower bouquets and arrangements are all made to order and all of our faux flowers are carefully chosen for their beauty and lifelike appearance.

Benefit Number Three

Black leather handmade roses with faux silk gerbera's and real touch tulips

Maintenance-Free Artificial Flowers

Almost Maintenance Free….

With artificial flowers there is no need to change the water or have a refrigerator available to keep your wedding flowers looking fresh for your wedding day (which to keep them looking fresh for longer should be done every day….Who remembers to do this or can be bothered? 

Your event stylist want have to run around on the day picking up fallen petals and removing stems from the vase and then disposing of stinky water and wilted stems because it is too hot. 

All our artificial flowers need is to be lightly blown with a hairdryer on a cool setting once in a while to remove any dust.

A wipe with a clean cloth or baby wipe also does the job.

Artificial flowers won't care if the room is too warm or too cold. 

Silk and real touch flowers they will always look beautiful and as if you had just placed them in the vase. 

Benefit Number Four

Hannah and Bryce's Mackay wedding with artificial silk, real touch and dried artificial flowers. Buttonhole

Faux Flowers are Allergy Free

Are you like me and suffer from Hay-fever?

You love having flowers but know that you can’t because if you did you would be sneezing and sniffing all day, our silk and real touch flowers are the perfect alternative for your wedding.  

Our artificial flowers will allow you to have the gorgeous flowers that you have always dreamed of.

Benefit Number Five

Laura M's Real Bouquet in Real Touch Artificial Flowers for your wedding Reflection

Always in Seasonal Flowers

The thing about fresh flowers is they are seasonal and if you are trying to keep your wedding budget under control and you dream of having hydrangeas, peonies, tulips, or dahlias, then our artificial flowers are the way to go.

They look beautiful and are ready 12 months of the year.

Benefit Number Six

Faux flower wedding flowers with silk, real touch and dried artificial flowers. Flowergirl crown

Wedding Flowers

They are an effective way to lend a touch of natural beauty to your big day, and tie in your bridal bouquets.

Silk and real touch wedding flowers are becoming a popular alternative to fresh flowers.

Forever Yours Flowers & Event Styling only uses premium quality flowers and will remain looking beautiful for the whole day. So choosing our flowers over fresh you won’t be compromising on beauty!  After-all, it's all about the photos and the memories. 

Benefit Number Seven

Pet friendly artificial flowers. We all want our fur friend to be part of our lives. Think about including your handsome fur baby in your wedding today.

Faux Flowers are Pet-Friendly

Did you know that some fresh flowers and plants can be extremely poisonous to cats and dogs like lilies, tulips and azaleas.

Our furry animals can be very inquisitive and will want to play with and chew flowers and as we can’t watch him them all the time this is the last thing we want.

And if you are having your fur baby as part of your wedding party, then we need to take care of our furry friends. 

For Your Information: All flowers can be dangerous if eaten
Never leave you pet alone with any type of flowers that they are wearing. 

Benefit Number Eight

Cascading Wedding faux Bouquet of bridal white & pink silk roses & tulips

Artificial Flowers are always in Bloom

Often when you buy fresh flowers they will still be in bud which is not always how you want them to look.

Did you know that tulips keep growing after they have been picked and so this could alter the way your flowers look.

For Your Information
Tulip stems do continue to lengthen once they're snipped. That's because the cells in their stems are particularly responsive to the plant hormone auxin, which causes them to elongate. Auxin also influences phototropism — the tendency of plants to grow toward light.

Benefit Number Nine

A Spectacular brass Flowergirl ring with artificial faux flowers.

They are Tough little Darlings

Young children and pets love to play and this can often lead to things being knocked over.

Artificial flowers are unlikely to be damaged if accidentally knocked over and when you have a flowergirl swinging their flowers as they walk down the aisle, you know they will still look perfect as the day goes on.

Benefit Number Ten

7m rectangular table decoration for a unique birthday party with artificial silk & real touch flowes

You have a birthday coming up and you want something designed just for you. What about this?

Recycle Friendly - You can Re-Purpose into a New Design

You can also re-purpose your beautiful silk wedding flowers...

Many of us worry about throwing away $1000's & $1000's of dollars of fresh flowers.

This is the worst part about getting real wedding flowers is that they all just go to waste once the event is over.

When you choose silk flowers you will have the option of taking them home or giving them as gifts to your guests, friends and family or having them in your home for years to come. 

Every time you look at your flowers they will bring back wonderful memories of your wedding day.

A fresh bridal bouquet will only last the day. When you choose a bouquet with our premium artificial flowers your flowers will be Forever Yours.