Why Artificial Flowers?

Why Artificial Flowers?

So if you've been to our page, follow us on social or ever talked to us in person, you will know:... We love what we do, and what we do is Artificial Flower Floristry! It occurred to us though, in all our passion maybe some of the intricacies of artificial flowers gets lost. To us an artificial flower isn't just a fake flower that's cheap and easy, for us there are so many details and aspects of an artificial bouquet. So lucky you, we're going to tell you all about it! Starting with all of the reasons to choose artificial instead of real flowers.


Why faux flowers? There's a few very good reasons why artificial flowers are a great choice.

Shandar & Nathan happy on their wedding day with the sunflower bouquet

Shandar and Nathan with her engagement sunflowers

1. Keep them Forever

For starters, artificial flowers last... and last! You will have these flowers for as long as you choose, which is pretty special for flowers that were a part of a bit event (like your wedding!). What a beautiful keepsake to have in your home for years to come! Pictured above is one of our beautiful brides Shandar and her partner Nathan. Shandar loves sunflowers and wanted the same sunflowers that she had featured at her engagement party to be used in a bouquet that she could keep forever. We were so happy to design and create this bouquet for Shandar, a bouquet that she can now sit in the middle of her dining table or entryway!

Artificial flowers are for all seasons and climates!

2. Trans-seasonal

Want something unique and different? It won't cost the earth! Want Dahlia's for you Spring Wedding, it's ok, we can order them in without having to charge you more. Not only will your bouquet reflect you, no matter the season. Your artificial bouquet will also look perfect with no wilting on even the hottest of days. Artificial flowers are for all seasons and climates.

3. No Sneezing!

Artificial flowers look good and they will last forever. But also, there is no sneezing with faux flowers.

The fact that artificial flowers are also allergy free flowers is a hug blessing for any bride that suffers from allergies! This means you don't need to dose yourself up with antihistamines before you walk the aisle!

Wedding, sneezing, couple, bride, groom, artificial flowers, allergies

Faux flowers mean no allergies on your big day!

4. They Look Great!

We've all seen cheap flowers from the $2 shop and wondered who actually buys them? But have you seen our Real Touch flowers? Our real touch flowers look so great, your guests will have trouble telling them apart from the real thing!

Bridal White Real Touch Rose, artificial wedding flowers

This beautiful Real Touch rose is a fake, but you'd never know it to look, or touch!

Not only do they look great in person, but they photograph very well (as pictured!). No worrying about wilt or aging, these will look just as fresh at the end of a very long day as they did on delivery.

5. A Lot Less Stress

The beauty of artificial flowers is that they can be ready to go whenever you want them to be! With real flowers, most florists will deliver the morning of your wedding, which doesn't leave a lot of room for accidents or disasters. At my own wedding I had ordered some mauve roses wholesale. When my bridesmaids picked up the roses the day before the wedding, they were very definitely not mauve. They were pink! Very, very pink! Trying to be a chill bride, I just went with it. But I was NOT happy.

At Forever Yours, Flowers (why yes, we are engaging in shameless self promotion!), we deliver all of your wedding flowers to you at least two weeks before the big day. We are also happy to have them ready to deliver whenever you want them, even if it's a few months early! 

wedding, couple, bride, groom, happy, wedding flowers, white roses

Less stress = a beautiful smile!

Reasons not to use Fake

If you are using good quality artificial flowers the usual reasons not to go faux (look fake, smell chemically, fall apart) don't apply. However, there is one negative that does apply to our flowers. They can not be left exposed to our hot Aussie sun. While they will stand up to a fair bit, they won't stand up to that! We're not saying no sun at all, just don't put them on the mantel in a north facing picture window!

wedding flowers, sun, bride

Like most things, artificial flowers don't like days of sun exposure!

And then a lot of reasons why you should use Forever Yours, Flowers for your artificial flower needs (here comes more shameless self promotion!):

Winter Romance Headpiece, artificial flowers, wedding, fascinator

Each flower is individually painted to create something very unique. Amazing Bridal headpiece.

All of our flowers are one of a kind designs. We hand paint our flowers with high quality paint to make sure you get the exact colour you need. At Forever Yours, Flowers we give you:

  • Specialised | Unique | Individual - one of a kind designs!
  • Your own Personal Designer
  • Treated like you are the only one, because at that time you are!
  • Scarcity ... we create for you. This means others won't have what you have
  • The colours are the same now & in 10 years time
Pink Variation Real Touch Rose

Hand-painted Shades of Pink to make the Rose look as real as possible

We'd love to chat with you and see if we can make your flower dreams come true! Drop us a line or give us a call!

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