...and you're not even married yet!

Just when I thought I was out, they PULL me back in!" yeah you know the quote, and it's probably feeling very familiar right about now. Here we are, back in lockdown and you find it affecting your relationship and wedding planning.

We're back to the uncertainty and anxiety of stricter social distancing. And just as life was starting to return to... not normal, but a new kind of normal. The kind of normal where you don't shake hands, hug friends or touch buttons or door handles. But we'd all adjusted. And now we're back at what feels like the beginning. 

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Capture the moment while being safe. That is what our phones are for. The 'Moments to Remember'.

With this socially distanced uncertainty comes a new level of stress. Many couples are finding that lockdown is affecting their relationship. This means lots more questions and uncertainty! Does this mean you shouldn't be together? Shouldn't be getting married? I mean, if you can't pick wedding napkins without biting each others heads off... is that a sign? 

If you find yourself answering yes any of these questions, including Is Lockdown Affecting Your Relationship? The following list is for you.

Struggling with your relationship during Covid

With this socially distanced uncertainty comes a new level of stress

1. Change your scenery

Time to discover your backyard/ balcony/ local park. Grab your love, a bottle of wine and hit the outdoors. A fire pit, some nice music and some great conversation. Spend some time outside of those same four walls! 

The Park or your backyard. All are good for a picnic.

2. Discover the Novelty of Inside

Celebrate your space! Rearrange the furniture, put a rug on the floor and spend some time together. Embrace the good things about social distancing. Namely, getting to cosy up with your love with a lockdown excuse!

Enjoy not having to social distance from your partner. Now is the time to try new (socially responsible) hobbies. Take an online class (couples yoga anyone?), start a reno or maybe a fun art project together (great time to do a wedding vision board!).

3. Exercise

You may be sick of hearing that exercise truly helps your mood. But it does! And here in Aus we are lucky enough to still be allowed out of the house to do it! You can see the world around you and still maintain social distancing.

Go for a hike together, a walk around the block... One of you markedly fitter than the other? What a fun way to improve your fitness and have fun together. Teach her yoga, time him while he runs sprints, learn to box! 

4. Enjoy the moments

You may be driving each up the wall, but how lucky are you to be locked in with a person that you're in love with? There are couples that are stuck in different countries at the moment, but you get to fall asleep next to your love!



Try to cherish the moments, the cuddles, the kisses, the lazy nights on the couch and the sleepy Saturday morning wake ups.

5. Remember the love

Keep reminding yourself (and each other!) why you loved each other in the first place. Yeah her off key singing all the wrong words is kind of irritating now that you're in lockdown, but remember when you found it adorable? It is so annoying when he puts the dirty dish NEXT to the dishwasher, but as you (gently) admonish him for it, try to remember all the great stuff too.

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