What is the difference between different types of artificial flowers?

Silk flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowers. Today's allergy-friendly artificial flowers are created with the true realistic look and feel of nature. With no wilting, no watering, and at a fraction of the cost of fresh, realistic silk flowers can be enjoyed hassle-free all year.
Real touch flowers is the term typically used to refer to the newest generation of artificial flowers which not only look, but feel realistic.
Leather Flowers are a speciality of Forever Yours, Flowers. Every flower is made by hand in the Studio in Melbourne
Paper Flowers are made also by hand but from hand-painted paper. Can be sprayed with gloss to make them more water-proof

Flower Care

Forever Yours flowers are easy to look after & are low-maintenance. They just don't require watering .... but we do have to do some general maintenance. Note: The following article came from wikiHow and has be re-posted here...all information belongs to wikiHow.

Remember to test on a small area before undertaking any of the information given here...

Click here to learn how to take care of your flowers ... wikiHow to Clean Artificial Flowers

Artificial plants can be both beautiful and practical. While they don't require the care that living plants will need, such as watering and fertilising, they still require regular cleaning to look their best. Whether your flowers are made of silk, metal, or plastic, dusting or washing delicate parts can be intimidating. However, you can learn how to clean artificial flowers effectively. Here is a short summary of the about article.. 

However to keep your flowers looking amazing for years to come, here is some general information

1. Clean off dust

Dusting flowers with care

To wipe of any dust that collects on your flowers, we recommend using baby wipes or a damp cloth. Just wipe down the petals and leaves gently to remove any dust particles. To get into hard to reach spaces, use your hairdryer on the COLD setting to blow away any dust.

2. Avoid direct sunlight

Watch me, I burn

Direct sunlight on Forever Yours real-touch & silk flowers can discolour them over time. The light through the window is extremely strong and can alter/fade the colour of your flowers. It is best if you can keep them out of direct sunlight

3. Grimy Hands

Look out!!!

Our hands are full of natural grease & oils. Washing your hands before touching the flowers is recommended.

If your little ones sticky fingers have made their way onto your flowers, they may need a little more than a wipe down. Use a damp cloth with a little warm soapy water and gently clean the dirty petals one by one. Be careful not to pull on the petals. Pulling on the petals will loosen the glue holding the flowers together.

What is the best way to store your flowers?

Silk and plastic flowers can be stored together.

Line the bottom of a storage bin with crumpled tissue paper. Place the flowers with longer and heavier stems in the bin first. Alternate the direction you place them in. (For example, if the first layer has the petals pointing left, point the petals to the right on the next layer.)

Place a layer of tissue between each layer of flowers to protect them.

Lay the lighter pieces on top. When you're done, close the bin, and replace it in the closet, under the bed, or wherever else you store your plastic bins.​

But remember, as much as you love your new Forever Yours flowers, so do your little ones.

It an accident happens, using a glue gun sparingly is a good solution to re-attach the petals.

But if ... Accidents happen, Forever Yours flowers does offer a repair service at a small cost ... Email Us