The Story of the Little Red Rose & her little friend the hand-painted Red Real Touch Rose

1. The Leather

Here is a little bit of the world of creating a handmade Leather Rose. It’s an amazing project as you can work with your hands to create something beautiful and unique. You need a certain amount of love and patience to be able to create something with your hands.

Leffler Leather Raw & Painted
The base leather is sheep hide. Very soft and easy to work with. I love the way nature gives the textile artist an amazing medium to work with. Thank you, Nature!


Each project always has a beginning.  Choosing and shopping for any of my supplies is a very important step in the process. If the medium feels horrible to touch, you cannot develop a love for the project you are about to start.

Every project needs your heart and soul. And to be aesthetically pleasing!

2. The Dye

Angelus Leather Dye
We use Angelus Red Leather Dye for the painting of the leather. This is a water-based, non-toxic glue that is easy to use and develops a depth of colour in the leather.

3.  The Leaves

Handmade Leather Leaves
Here we go with a unique, individual project that will be memorable for any special event you have dreamed of.

After the painting of the leather, each petal needs to be cut by hand. This is a time consuming and intricate process,  but if you automate this process, each petal would look the same. Something which never happens in nature!

As each rose must be an individual, so must each leaf.

4. The Beginning of a new leather rose

Rose-the-beginning-Part 1
After individually cutting each petal the little rose starts in the middle and slowly adds leather leaves till a rose is created.

5. Nearly finished

Wired Leather Rose
Every petal is either wired or glued. Minimum glue is used.

6. The individual little red rose

Wired Rose Closeup
Holding this amazing little Red Leather Rose after all the time it took to make it, there was definitely love in my heart!

7.  Finished and shinning, very very special

Wired Leather Rose-Closeup
This is the closeup of these amazing little Red Leather Roses. Doesn’t she shine?!

8. The start of her friend, the little red real touch rose.

After being painted by hand each rose needs to rest. In hot weather, this can be as little as 5 minutes but in the colder months, you just wait…. and wait.

Even someone as special and unique as a little red leather rose needs a friend. This is her friend the hand-painted little red Real Touch Rose. These little guys will be included in the finished bouquet.

Real Touch Hand Painted Rose
Each Flower is hand-painted to imitate nature. Nature is not one colour but a series of colours.

9. We are finished, we shine, don’t we?

Handmade Leather Roses
These 2 Roses are hand-made & hand-painted. Workshops are available.

I hope you have enjoyed the story of the Little Red Leather Rose and her friend.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create your own Little Red Rose?

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