Wedding Photo List

The Wedding Photos You Need To Get

June has been all about wedding photography on the Forever Yours, Flowers blog.

We've talked about the pros and cons of paying for a professional wedding photographer, options to work around this expense and even how to get great photos on your Smartphone, and because Smartphones are everywhere we thought we'd do a 2nd blog on great Smartphone photography!

Now it's time to talk about getting the must have photos, no matter who is taking them. 

It's not uncommon to hear a couple lament the photos they didn't get on their big day. This can be due to inexperience on the photographers part, but also because the couple weren't clear about the shots they needed. The best thing to do to avoid this photo regret is to write out a very clear list of the photos you absolutely must have.

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1. The Dress

The dress is the thing most brides dream of and one of the first things (if not the first!) that she goes shopping for.

Once she knows what she's wearing, she knows all of the rest of it! So of course getting the lots of photos of the dress is an absolute must.

There are three different types of dress photos that you want though: 

  • 1. The Dress - make sure you get some pics of the dress by itself artfully draped over a chair or hanging in perfect light
  • 2. Getting into the Dress - photos of the bridesmaids helping the bride get into the dress. This can be quite an ordeal but also a lot of fun. It's a big event on the day and sure to cause a lot of laughs as you lace her into that bodice and make sure everything is covered just the right amount.
  • 3. In the Dress - specify some nice portraits of the bride in her beautiful dress and ready to go. Have some ideas of different spots around the getting ready location, but be flexible as the photographer may need to find their light.

2. The Accessories

A few pics of cufflinks, bowties, earrings, shoes and any other accessories are a nice touch to a wedding album. Add to this with a few zoomed in shots of the happy couples feet (in or out of shoes) and maybe the brides feet with her shoes kicked off next to her.

3. The Rings

The symbol of your union, something you picked together and will wear for the rest of your life! You need photos of the rings! Again, there are three different types of ring photos you'll want:

  • Pre-Ceremony - off your fingers and ready to be tied to the cushion! If the best man is holding them you might have to get the photographer to get some sneaky pics before the fun starts. 
  • The "With this Ring, I thee Wed" moment - a closeup of the rings as they're going on your fingers. Oh the symbolism!
  • Hands and Rings on - Hand in hand, one hand over the other... however you want to get the shot, some beautiful shots of your hands with that new sparkle on them!

4. Family

For most people this is quite a big category. You don't want to regret missing a photo of you and your Nan or the whole tribe of cousins or missing Aunt Nancy because she was in the loo! 

There's a good way to avoid the regret of missed photos and you know what is? You guessed it, make a list! Get a list of every family member you want in the pics. While you're writing lists, think about any special family pics you may want. Think siblings as a group and maybe you with each one? The same for parents and Grandparents? Is there a cousin you grew up with and had a very special bond with? Note down any combinations you especially want. Don't leave it to chance! 

When you're thinking family photos, also think about the type of photos that you want. If you want posed, perfect smiles photos, great! Not much thinking to go into that. But if you want something a bit different, make sure you have it on paper first. Even ask the photographer to make sure they get some candid photos of family catch ups and chats.

5. Moments

Your wedding day will be full of moments and obviously, you can't capture them all with a camera. But be sure to talk to your photographer about the big moments. Some of these may be:

  • The First Look - the look on each member of the couple's faces as they see each other all dressed up and ready to wed.
  • Pinning the Buttonholes - or corsages. This is a special moment between a parent and child. Whether it be mother and son or daughter and father or some other combination, it's a beautiful moment to capture
  • Quiet Moments - a quiet moment as the bride bends down to talk to her flower girls or the groom cracks his first beer as a married man.

6. Bridal Parties

Informal getting ready photos are always good to have. Think about the boys straightening their ties, eating some pizza or enjoying a quiet beer together. Or photos of the girls goofing around while they get ready, buckle their sandals or cheers with champagne.

But also think about any other photos you want of your bridal party. Chilling out together after the ceremony, taking a much needed break between wedding events or the good old posed ones. Try to get one photo of you with each of your bridal party, you may regret it if you don't!

7. Flowers

Obviously at Forever Yours, Flowers, we are all about the flowers! But most couples are pretty interested in the flowers too. You spent a lot of time choosing which flowers you wanted, roses or lilies? Babies Breath or greenery? Not to mention the shape and size of the bouquets, the type of buttonholes and corsages, the petals to scatter, the wedding decor... Flowers are a huge part of your wedding aesthetic, so it makes sense to get some good pics of them. Ask for closeups of the flowers, with you and by themselves. You are of course the main event, but they are still a feature!

8. The Reception

The after party will be full of amazing moments and go by in the blink of an eye, so make sure your photographer knows the shots to get. There are of course the traditional ones - cutting the cake, speeches, bouquet/ garter toss, first dance - but you don't want to miss out on the fun ones either.

A lot of people pay their photographer up until the reception entrance and then send them out the door. We get it, it's expensive. If this is you, just make sure you've given a few friends with good cameras a list of shots to get. Ask for as many fun, non blurry shots as they can get. Relies cutting loose on the dance floor, Mum drunkenly hugging anyone she can, friends doing a push-up comp out the back (it happens!). You get the idea. 

 9. The Exit

Another one that you may not have your professional photographer for. But getting some goodbye shots is a beautiful close to any wedding album. The tearful but very happy hugs, the teary waves, you and your significant other making the bolt for the door. Plus a few waving out the windows of a beautifully decorated (hint, hide your car!) get away car. And that's a wrap!

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