Flower Free Wedding Ceremonies

Yes, at Forever Yours, Flowers, our first love is artificial flowers. But not everyone is all about flowers when it comes to their wedding. You can have a flower free wedding ceremony that is stunning and we'd love to give you a hand with it (yes, we aren't that selfless!). Below are some great ideas for your wedding decor to be used with or without a little bit of floral flair. 

Note: if you're wanting to go flower free because of allergies, you're in the right spot. We can organise you a beautiful sneeze free bouquet of realistic looking fake flowers. But if you're just not a flower type of person, read on!

1. Fabric Draping

Get creative with your fabric draping! Choose fabric that is flowy and fluid so that you get just the right drape. Some good choices are satin, voile, charmeuse, chiffon and gossamer. Note: tulle is not your friend when it comes to draping. It's stiff and creases easily.

Make sure your drape is flame retardant! If you're going for an outdoor ceremony without candles this is less important. But many venues  won't allow non fire-rated fabric.

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Ceremony decor, wedding ceremony, wedding arch, bush wedding, outdoor wedding
Wedding flowers, succulents, succulent bouquet, bouquet

2. Bouquet

There are so many options when it comes to a flower free bouquet. Couples use buttons, pearls, paper, wire and lollipops, to name just a few. Bouquets are often where a bride wants to show off her personality, and why not? If lollipops are great but you want something a bit more traditional, perhaps an arrangement of greenery or some succulents?

3. Greenery and Grasses

There are many types of greenery that can be used in your wedding (not) flowers. Myrtle and ivy are the most popular but people also commonly use types of fern and eucalyptus. 

Wedding ceremony, ceremony decorations, stairs, greenery, bannister
Wedding ceremony, wedding decor, ceremony decor, bouquet, spinifex

Pampas grass is another very popular type of grass used in weddings. If you've got your heart set on pampas, think about going artificial for this one as it is a noxious weed and illegal in Australia!

We'd love to see any ideas you may have on having a flower free wedding ceremony. And would be thrilled if we could help you with any of these things. We hire out wedding arches and banister wraps that we can fill with greenery and pampas grass and we design bouquets of succulents and greenery.

Stay tuned for our next blog on flower free bouquets!