DIY Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Invitations

Since most of us are now socially isolating due to COVID 19, it seems like the best time to talk about DIY for your wedding. Last week we talked about DIY Wedding Bonbonnieres, this week? DIY Wedding Invitations!

Now is the perfect time to get crafting. With all this time you suddenly have on your hands, and a need to channel you're anxiety (we're all anxious at the moment, right?!) into something productive, what better time? So here are a few thoughts when it comes to putting together your wedding invitations.

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If you aren't confident in your crafting ability maybe give a template a go?

GET inspired

Have a look at what your friends and family have done with their wedding invites. What did and didn't you like about them? Have a google, browse some stationary (online!) and decide which direction you want to go in.

There are so many options with invitations. The sky really is the limit! If you still find yourself lacking inspiration or confidence check out YouTube for some invite making tutorials. You'll be surprised at the wonderful crafting resources available out there!

If crafting is not your thing

If you're not confident in your crafting prowess, maybe give a template a go? A quick google and a browse thought Etsy will give you more than enough options when it comes to templates.

paper in general is not your thing

Paperless wedding invites or evites are becoming more and more popular. There are many websites devoted to a quick and easy invite process. A lot of these websites include RSVP and gift registries to make your planning even easier.

So, no quite DIY but you'll still get great wedding invites for a fraction of the price of getting them done professionally. You also get the fun of choosing designs from the comfort of your lounge room!

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Paperless wedding invites or evites are becoming more and more popular

None of these appeal? Drop us a line, our head designer just loves creating wedding stationary! However you decide to proceed, whether it's with DIY Wedding Invites or a different approach we wish you lot's of luck! Let us know how you go! We love a good DIY crafting.

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