DIY Bonbonnieres for Your Wedding

DIY Bonbonnieres for Your Wedding

Thanks to COVID 19 you've had to put your wedding (or wedding planning) on hold. This has been such a heartbreaking time for so many, not to mention all of the couples who are suddenly finding that their dream wedding has had to have been delayed by months or indefinitely. Even those of you who are getting married in late 2021, when everything should have settled down are probably feeling the anxiety and uncertainty around all of the hypotheticals and unknowns.

And here we are with a whole lot more time on our hands... So what can we do to channel all of this extra time and anxiety? Why get crafting of course!

We've thought of a few ways that you can turn your hobby into DIY bonbonnieres for your wedding.

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Think about dusting off your paints

1. Hobbies into Favours

Think about what you love to do in your down time (or the things that you used to love to do, when you still had down time!). Now that you have some of that time again think about dusting off your paints/ modelling clays/ sewing/ pottery/ knitting bits and pieces.... you get the picture. This is a great time to rediscover an old love, or find a new one! And maybe you can use your crafting towards some handmade bonbonnieres?

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Not a crafter? Get writing!

2. Not a crafter? No Worries!

Just because you're not a crafter, doesn't mean that you can't make your own bonbonnieres. You could write each one of your guests a personalised letter. Still not your thing? You could find some beautiful poems (already written), type them or hand write them beautifully. Buy a number of cute little frames, print off your poems and have a personalised frame ready for each of your wedding guests. 

Time consuming, but time is suddenly you have up your sleeve at the moment!

So there you go. How are you thinking about using your social distancing time? Any hobbies you could turn into a DIY bonbonniere? Drop us a line and tell us about it.

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