You never know what will happen when you take a trip to the Beach.

Are you thinking of inviting your Cats to Your Wedding?

Photo shoot at the beach.

I have had many brides ring me to ask how can they include their cats in their weddings. Like all vendors sometimes we want to photograph our designs in a unique and amazing place before we send them off.
As an artist, I want your designs to sparkle and shine.

This is the story of Steph – The Model, Mr Ginger – a gorgeous fur baby Cat with striking piercing yellow eyes and a beach in Melbourne.

The adventure goes like this.

You want to know can you can include cats or other fur babies in your wedding.

This is how I included a Gorgeous ginger cat, called Mr Ginger in a photoshoot. 

Let’s invite Your Cats, your fur baby To Your Wedding
… Learn to create a flower wreath for your cat

This definitely sounds a bit like a joke … What will you find on a beach in St Kilda?
or let’s put it another way
What does a model, a cat and a beach have in common?
Answer: Steph, a Ginger Cat on a lead playing on a Beach wanting to be part of our photoshoot.

Cats and your wedding: How many of you think that 2019 was an eternity ago

Well back in 2019, a photoshoot was organised to feature some of our amazing bouquets that we had created. As we headed to towards Port Melbourne we came across this gorgeous Ginger Cat that I have named Mr Ginger because of his amazing beautiful ginger locks … LOL 😆

Mr George was on the way to Launceston on the Spirit of Tasmania. I’m jealous, I wanted to go with him. 

Back to the story

Mr Ginger was walking around on a lead, yes he was on a lead with his owners. He was taking a quick break before the long trip overnight to Tasmania. Of course, we, Steph and I couldn’t resist including Mr Ginger in our photos.

Featured here with Steph and Mr Ginger is the Laura Bouquet. A cascading bouquet made from gorgeous real touch, artificial flowers in baby pink and bridal white. Almost as cute as Mr Ginger.

Are You Inviting Your Fur Babies To Your Wedding?

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