What's that old saying? "Never work with animals or children".

We wholeheartedly disagree with this when it comes to your wedding day. The only thing that is possibly cuter than a flower girl or a ring bearer has to be a dog in a tux or wrapped in a gorgeous flower crown.

Working in wedding planning and talking to multiple couples about their wedding day, we are constantly asked:


Our answer? ... Heck Yes!

The idea of a cute animal ring bearer? Dog's in bowties? Could it get any cuter?

 ... It's your wedding, and what a fun idea, but there are a few things you need to think about if you're planning to involve your furry friend in your special day ...

The Best Men

Make sure your furry friend is up to the task

Weddings can be overwhelming for people, let alone animals who aren't quite sure what's going on. So many people and so much attention may be a little much for them. I know my little Kelpie cross would have been beside herself with the excitement of so many people to throw a ball for her. She would have cried the whole time because she could be playing, not sitting listening to some celebrant ramble on! That being said, an excitable temperament doesn't mean that your best friend can't come to the party.

Obedience Training

If you haven't done this yet, and you really want your pup there on the day it's time to start! The best thing about obedience training is that dogs truly love it!

They want to please you, they love the attention, and the rewards? Ah, doggy heaven! 

A Walk on the Day

A well exercised dog behaves better than a dog with pent up energy. This may seem obvious but in the lead up to walking that aisle there are so many things to think about.

And the morning of the actual wedding?

You may just be too frantic to remember to take your pooch out. It's a good idea to delegate this chore to someone else. Ask a friend or family member to give your pup a good run the morning of.

Dogs in weddings, animal ring bearer, bridal party, best dog, dog of honour

Make sure to keep your wedding dog under control!

A Safe Space for an Anxious Pet

Be prepared for the possibility of some anxiety from your furry friend. Having lot's of treats on hand and a place where you can take them for a bit quiet time and a cuddle will make all the difference!

Image by Ilona Ilyés from Pixabay

Nom nom nom. Flowers!

Some Plants and Pets Don't Mix

The cat-loving bride should take care which flowers she chooses. Lilies in particular are highly toxic to cats

... And it’s not just the flower but all parts of the bloom, including the pollen. If a cat brushes against the bouquet, becomes dusted in pollen and then grooms it off, the result could be serious kidney failure.

Likewise there are certain plants that a sensitive dog should avoid. With an allergic dog, problems mostly occur when they ingest certain plants commonly found in the garden. So provided your not letting them chow down on your bouquet greenery, you should be okay.

There are however some pollens which will cause itchy eyes and skin and in some cases red watery eyes. Apart from the fact that  you don't want your dog suffering, you also don't want it throwing itself down in the middle of the aisle to scratch and un-scratch-able itch.

Like cats, no variety of lily is suitable for a dog.

  • This includes daffodils,
  • narcissus,
  • tulips,
  • and agapanthus.
  • Also be careful of bottle brush and primroses.

Get those Pics!

It's pretty common these days to see a couple with their beloved dog on their wedding day, other animals get dismissed as too hard to get a good pic of.

But a family photo of you and your loved pet is just so special. If you're worried about bringing your pet along for the whole day, maybe the photographer could take a few snaps when they come to do the getting ready picks?

Or for couples that are worried about getting pet hair on their bridal attire, what's stopping you from dressing up after the fact and getting some nice pics with your favourite little fur ball?

Flowers and Cats

Flowers and Cats

Now, what if you're not a cat person, or a dog person? Thought about a wedding alpaca or a donkey perhaps? Pictured below is one of the little darlings from Alpacca Kisses in Sydney.


One of the gorgeous little alpacas from Alpaca Kisses 

And of course, we at Forever Yours, Flowers and so happy to help you with artificial flower crowns for your little nature's blessings to wear on the day (no allergies or risks with artificial!).