Wedding Bling & Sparkle for your Wedding

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing artificial flower bouquets.

We can get exotic flowers for a small portion of the price of if they were fresh, we can paint your flowers to get the perfect shade of whatever colour you are after, and no matter the season, you can have whatever flowers you want! 

With faux flowers there is also the option of choosing something a little more unique and with some added bling. Keep reading for the unique and the bling-ful!

1. Light it up!

One of our favourite things is flowers, our favourite things to add to flowers? LED lights. This is particularly effective for table runners and other reception decorations. LED fairy lights are very safe to use in conjunction with artificial flowers because they don't heat up like the old fashioned halogen lights used to. Plus, they add a touch of wonder to your wedding decor.

Wedding Table Decoration & LED Lights
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2. Add Some Shiny

Some brides want a traditional looking bouquet, with just a bit of extra sparkle. There are so many options for this -- crystals, diamontes, glass beads... Spoiled for choice, we sometimes have trouble choosing just one type of bling.

3. Pearls of wisdom

Sometimes artificial flowers let us down in the realism side of things. We do our best to source and provide the best quality we can find, but sometimes there's nothing we can do to avoid getting a flower with obviously plastic stamens in the centre of it. When this happens, we embrace the artificiality and add something a little prettier than plastic... pearls! Or sometimes we add them because a bride just loves them!

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4. Leather

Ok, so not exactly blingy, but our leather roses definitely meet the something a bit "extra" category.

These pretty petals are made in our Melbourne studio by head designer Beryl and are her particular pet favourite. 

There are hours of love poured into our leather roses.

For more on how we make our leather flowers, click here.

All the best with deciding on your wedding flowers, drop us a line if we can help!