When you're talking wedding flowers, there are a lot of reasons to go artificial. Artificial flowers keep forever, don't make you sneeze, travel well, reduce wedding stress... we could go on (and have in our blog Why Artificial Flowers?)! 

Handmade, hand painted artificial wedding flowers made in Melbourne

Handmade, hand painted artificial wedding flowers made in Melbourne

So we know that you absolutely want artificial flowers for your wedding and here are a few thoughts for organising those flowers! Or more specifically, 5 Things to Know about Artificial Wedding Flowers!

1. Don’t Procrastinate

Our flowers are art, and like all art, they take time. 

  • Each bouquet is a new design - we do multiple consults with each couple to create a design individual to them. 
  • Each flower is a work of art - we hand paint our flowers to make sure they are just the right shade of perfection for your wedding.

2. Go for Quality

Like with everything in life, you get what you pay for. Artificial flowers are no exception to this rule. If you want your flowers to look and feel real, as well as to stand up to the heat of the day, it's worth paying that bit more.

  • Lower quality flowers have more plastic, and the plastic is more obvious.
  • Good quality flowers are not floppy or stiff, but somewhere in between.

 3. Research

Do your due diligence! If you want beautiful flowers that look and feel real (and don't smell like awful chemicals!) you will need to research.

  • Not all artificial flowers are created equally. There is no substitute for touching the flowers with your own hands!
  • There are many types of artificial flowers and greenery, it's ok to ask lots of questions!
  • Familiarise yourself with the many types (silk, Real Touch, foam, leather - to name a few!) and different qualities of artificial flowers

4. Budget

A lot of couples first look at artificial flowers because they think this will save them money. If you're DIy-ing and go for cheap, low quality flowers this is true. However, if you want high quality flowers, arranged by a professional, you'll probably end up paying approximately the same as for fresh. Go in with your eyes open, your budget set and a commitment to sticking to that budget!

5. DIY?

Thinking about DIY-ing to save some dollars? Great! Just know that there is a bit more involved than just tying the pretty flowers together. You will need:

  • Florist's tools - wire, tape, cutting pliers 
  • Greenery and trim
  • Pearl topped pins
  • Ribbon, String, Lace or Hessian (optional for a finishing wrap)
  • Vases/ Bowls/ Baskets for centrepieces
  • Floral foam
  • Lots of flowers, research and time!

It wouldn't hurt to have some helpers as well! You can start your DIY journey by checking out our Buttonhole Tutorial.

Bare in mind that while DIY-ing your wedding flowers will save you some cash, there are a few things you'll miss. 

  • The Artist's eye that comes with professional floristry
  • The hand painted flowers to match your theme
  • Bulk buying power
  • Time saved
Hand-Painted Pink Real Touch Rose

Hand-painted Shades of Pink to make the Rose look as real as possible

Hope this little list of 5 Things to Know about Artificial Wedding Flowers has been helpful. Interested in going faux for your big day or special occasion? Send us an email or drop by our Facebook to see if we can help!