Wedding Photo Fun for Guests

Wedding Photo Fun for Guests

There's no debating that photos are one of the most important parts of your wedding. Just about anyone who has planned a wedding will tell you that if you spend on nothing else, spend on a good wedding photographer. After all, this will be one of the biggest and most memorable days of your life. You definitely want that beautiful day captured with great photos.

But people will tell you that not every photo taken has to be beautifully curated and perfect. Some of the best photos you get from the day may be taken from a friends phone. That in mind, what are some ways you can incorporate your guests into the wedding photography? Get some great photos and have some Wedding Photo Fun?

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Give your guests a wedding hashtag and let them help capture some memories!

1. From Disposable to digital - the beauty of hashtags

It used to be disposable cameras on every guest table, but then we went digital. But now that everyone has a phone with a decent camera on it (well, almost everyone!) there isn't a need for the hassle and expense of multiple disposable cameras. It is so much easier to give your guests a wedding hashtag and let them use their phones to capture the fun (and did we mention cheaper?). So as part of your wedding planning, think about a cute hashtag that you can put on your programs or have your MC announce. This way you get great (and maybe terrible!) photos appearing on Facebook and Instagram with very little work on your part. Just be prepared for some drunken wedding selfies!

But there is a still a whole lot of fun to play with photos and cameras at a wedding. Let's face it, people have a few drinks, they take photos! 

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2. Photo Booths

Less of a novelty and a little more established, Photo booths are way to let guests play and have fun, while making lasting memories.

You can easily DIY this fun frivolity to save some money. All you need is some targeted thrift and dollar store shopping and a blank bit of wall at the reception area. You can even let guests use their mobiles instead of paying someone to work the camera. Alternatively, a camera, a tripod and a timer can work pretty well.

Warning, you can't unsee your drunken Auntie in flapper gear and an unseemly pose!

3. Selfie Station

Like we said earlier, where there is booze and a phone... there will be photos. But why not channel some of those drunken selfies into something cute? Set up a selfie station with a beautiful novelty size frame to stand behind or a feature wall as backdrop. Or both!

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You can make this your own selfie station, depending on how crafty you're feeling. But you can also order a custom frame online or ask your decorator to hang a curtain of fairy lights or commission a beautiful flower wall to go with your wedding flowers. Some couples choose to take their wedding arches to the ceremony for just this purpose.

Did we mention we can help with both a flower wall and an arch? Drop us a line

4. Polaroid throwback 

Another unique idea (and a some retro throwback fun!)  is to have a few Polaroid cameras and some textas available. Ask your guests to take a snap and pen a fun message to the two of you on the back of it. On your first anniversary you can go though the photos and messages. A fun and sometimes surprising way to relive the special day.

However you decide to capture your wedding memories, we're sure it will be absolutely beautiful. Not to mention a lot of fun! Get in touch if we can give you a hand with ideas, planning or execution. Or just to tell us about your day and the way you archived it. We'd love to hear from you!

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