How to Choose the Perfect bridal Bouquet style for your wedding?

Choosing the right wedding flowers are a huge part of your wedding aesthetic. Like the rest of the choices you make around your big day, the bouquet you clutch as you walk (dance, shuffle, run?!) down the aisle should be quintessentially you.

Also, like the rest of your choices, there are many considerations when it comes to choosing the best bouquet for you. A while back we put together a summary of the 10 most popular wedding bouquets but perhaps you're having trouble narrowing down your choices? In that case, there are two questions to ask yourself. When are you getting married? And where are you getting married? Keep reading for a few thoughts around making one of the prettiest (apart from you and your partner of course!) choices for your big day!

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Barefoot with a hand tied bouquet. Perfect!


The venue is really the first of all of your decisions since it will inform the theme, the style, the dress code for your guests and very possibly what you and your significant other will be wearing. 

For example, getting married on the beach and cracking beers while your guests enjoy finger food and mini pizzas will mean a very different set of choices than if you have a formal orthodox ceremony and a sit down, 5 course degustation to celebrate! And likewise, a pretty posy of springtime flowers is very different to a cascading bouquet of roses and lilies.

For a casual or relaxed wedding a hand tied bouquet or a nosegay posy are the perfect bouquet. Both are effortlessly pretty and go great with bare feet! 

Hand tied bouquet, casual wedding, hippy, boho

A hand tied bouquet is perfect of a relaxed bride and wedding

Using Real Touch Roses learn how to create your own wedding bouquet.

A nosegay bouquet or posy is a simple way to do casual and pretty

For a more formal wedding there are a few traditional choices including the cascading bouquet or something like the presentation bouquet. There are of course also more formal versions of the nosegay bouquet and a variety of other stunning options

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A classic touch with a presentation bouquet (above) for an elegant bride while the beautiful cascading bouquet (right) is a traditional favourite for many brides.

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When are you getting married?

The beauty of faux flowers (did we mention that’s our specialty?!) is that every flower is available, in any season. However, it is nice to consider the season and the weather of your upcoming wedding. Because, here it is again…. Theme!! For a Winter wedding think effortless grace and maybe moody florals such as dark coloured roses. Where nothing says Summer like a big bunch of sunflowers! Bear in mind, sunny, fun and flirty? Or cosy, edgy and a touch of frost?

Winter wedding, Headpiece, bride, fascinator, mother-of-the-bride

Winter Romance with dark, moody florals


Nothing says Summer like sunflowers!

While there may be certain unwritten rules or expectations of etiquette when it comes to wedding flowers, there is one thing to remember... When it comes to flowers for your wedding, there is no right or wrong. Just what you want on your special day! So have sunflowers in Winter, or a cascading bouquet on the beach, you do you!