Wedding Planning Basics ... 

Did you know that It's totally normal to need a break from wedding planning. I'm a wedding planning and I always take time out. 

Are you suffering from Wedding Planning Stress

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Are you spending hours and hours planning your wedding, thinking about your wedding and dreaming about your wedding and it's lost all it's fun.

You keep telling yourself at the moment that it's just not enjoyable at the moment. I found this article on the signs that you need to take a wedding planning break. What can you do today to remove the stress. All you want is the wedding of your dreams but at the moment, the wedding planning seems to be getting the better of you. 

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, you need to plan a wedding planning break, yes that means NO wedding planning for a time. I'm not saying forever, just a night, a weekend or even a week.  

Looking for some help 
Over the years, I have collected many ideas about how to have a break as a couple together. 
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It's time for you and your partner to start thinking about having a laugh and a giggle.

Have you thought of setting up a tent for the children at your backyard wedding.

The Signs You Need to look for that tell you you need a  Wedding-Planning Break 

Answer the following questions YES or NO. If you have one YES, you need to take a break and just enjoy each other's company. 

1. Arguments are left unresolved night after night

Are you arguing all the time, about everything and then heading off to bed without resolving anything. This can have a negative impact on your relationship. YES | NO

2. Wedding planning was exciting now it's just painful

If you’ve gone from feeling excited and inspired to plan the wedding to feeling dread at the thought of discussing it, this is also a sign it’s time to take a step back and put a pause on planning. YES | NO

3. You’re struggling to compromise on anything. 

You have multiple elements that you’re not able to compromise or make decisions on. YES | NO

Use this time reflecting on what your priorities are and why you’re not able to be flexible in an effort to move through these decisions.  “Neither person can expect to have everything exactly the way they want it.” YES | NO

4. There’s a communication breakdown.  

 Some words from Meagan Prost, a licensed clinical counsellor who specialises in couples therapy, explains that this can include:

  • Critical attacks: "You're so cheap." 
  • Defensive reactions: "I'm cheap? Well what about that time when're the cheap one!" 
  • Stonewalling: A complete shutdown from communicating. 
  • Contempt: "Why do I have to give up on wedding dreams just because you didn't save enough money? I should be marrying someone else.”

“Contempt is the most toxic communication style because the message and delivery usually includes disrespecting your partner,” she says. This can be verbal or non-verbal with looks of disgust, eye rolling, or mocking facial expressions to name a few. YES | NO

5. You &/or your partner are anxious about everything.

If the stress starts to have an effect on you or your partner, it can also impact your relationship.

Individual signs of stress according to Prost can include feeling completely overwhelmed, not being able to make decisions (analysis paralysis and decision fatigue are real!), desire for isolation, trouble sleeping, increased or decreased appetite, loss of interest in activities, or wanting to give up. YES | NO

6. It’s consuming you.

You think and talk about nothing other than the wedding. You have stopped laughing because you are worried you will forget something. YES | NO

7. You and your partner are starting to withdraw from each other. 

If the planning isn’t fun anymore and you can no longer speak freely about the details of the day with your partner, If instead of speaking excitedly about what you’d like with your partner, you find yourself having these conversations more with your wedding party or planner. YES | NO

8. You feel like you and your partner are on different teams. He wants black and you want white. 

“Another key sign that wedding planning stress is impacting a couple is when they're no longer seeing themselves as a couple but more individuals on different sides,” 

I can tell this is starting to happen with couple when one starts to complain about the other to me. YES | NO

9. It’s impacting you physically. 

You feel sick all the time. You feel emotional and physically drained all the time. Your body feels heavy. Your mind fells flat and lethargic. You just want to vomit.  YES | NO