Choosing a Wedding Song

Choosing a Wedding Song

Andrea: We don't have a song for our first dance! Help!

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My fiancé and I have picked out everything for our big day – except our first dance song. I don’t want to use the same songs that all our friends have chosen, so any advice?

Andrea Anxious Bride

Choosing a wedding song can be tough because every couple’s taste and musical preferences are different. If you haven't found that song that is special to just the two of you, it can be hard to start looking with the added pressure of wedding planning. However, the advice remains fairly universal. Aside from the obvious “Don’t panic, there’s a song for everyone!”, try these tips:

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Your first dance as a married couple will be a beautiful memory


Sit down with your fiancé and write down all of the wedding songs that you don’t want to use – in this case, the songs that your friends have chosen. What is it about these songs that you don’t like? Have they been overdone? Are they too slow/fast? Do you not like the artist? This should give you a good indication of what you don’t want, and more guidance for finding what you do.

2. What do you like?

Make a list of artists and bands that you both like. Are there any similarities? It might not be that you both have the same names on your list, but rather, say, a mutual love of R&B. Look for genres to guide you. Think of it as a mood board for music!

3. Delve Deeper

What movies, TV shows and musicals do you both like? Are there any songs that you’ve seen featured in the media that you think could work? Sometimes finding 'The One' is a matter of looking outside the box. 

Another way to approach this one is to think about what the first movie that you saw together was? Or perhaps your first Netflix and Chill...? 


Take a look back over your relationship. Is there a certain song that came out when you first got together or fell in love? Is there a song that always made you think of your partner with a smile? Run it by them, if it's special to you, they may decide it works for them too!

5. Leave it to Fate

If all else fails, leave it up to fate. Make a list of roughly five songs that you both agree on, and give it to a trusted friend or family member to decide. As a bonus, don’t let them tell you what they’ve chosen and instead let it be a surprise for the both of you on the big day! What a way to end up with a song!

Your first dance as a married couple will be a beautiful memory, both for you and your guests. Music sets the tone for much of your reception, so naturally you want it to be good. By working together to solve this problem you can both be assured that the “party” aspect of the day will start off on the right foot. Happy Wedding Planning!

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