Your Backyard Wedding reception

You are about to get married to that special person in your life and have always dreamed of having a backyard wedding reception. Under the pergola that you and your daddy spent many hours playing as a child. The memories melt your heart every time you look back. 

You always wanted to create that special feeling and individuality again. What better dream has it always been to have an intimate day and you couldn't think of anything better than Mum and Dad's backyard. How exciting! 

The problem is ... where on earth do you start. Let's talk about some of the Pros and Cons about having a Backyard Wedding. 

The Positives and Negatives Of A Backyard Wedding Celebration.

Backyard wedding positives
  1. Personalisation
  2. Flexibility and choice
  3. A wedding will be remembered for months
  4. Home court advantage
  5. You can practice to find the best setup

Into the Positives

01 & 02. Personalisation & Flexibility And Choice

Having a backyard gives you flexibility and choice. You are 100% in control of the decor, the vendors, the timing, when things will happen. And if you are running late that is ok too.Venues have limitations on what is possible. They also have preferred vendors that they like to use, like florists, caterers and even the type or choice of alcohol you can have. This is just what you are not after.

For me personally, food and flowers are so important because of my allergies. You can choose to have artificial flowers and love them.

Hand-painted artificial wedding bouquet

Yes we are all hand-painted but fake

03. A wedding that will be remembered for months and months

Family and friends still be talking about your wedding for months and will talking to their friends about how personal, individual and unique your both were. They will be pulling those photos out to inspire the people in their lives. How special.

"Our family and friends still talk about our wedding. There were no restrictions or time limits; it was the best!
If we did our wedding over again I would change nothing!" 

Have you thought of having an outdoor fire pit at your wedding

Have you thought of having an outdoor fire pit at your wedding. A very Aussie look.

04. A Home Court Advantage

Think of how you will feel when you are standing under the pergola or arbour that your daddy built. Think of the hours and hours you played under that structure, the laughter, the fun. A place of great memories and now you are creating a new one with your wedding.

You can have as many or as few children as you wish. The venue will not be charging you per child that comes and think about how far Nanna's chicken nuggets will go. Family and friends will be able to relax because their little munchkins are being looked after. 

Have you thought of setting up a tent for the children at your backyard wedding.

Have you thought of setting up a tent for the children at your backyard wedding.

05. You can practice to perfect the best setup for your dream

You like to perfect your design, your wedding vision but the venue won't let you in till the day of or the day before your wedding.

When you have a backyard wedding you will have time to play. Move the chairs, shift the lights, setup a fire pit. Anything that you like and the most important thing, is you will have time and not stress. 

“Having the reception at home was so handy because we could go try things out - lining up all the chairs on the lawn to make sure all our tables would fit. Making sure the grandparents were looked after was so important to me.

Setting up our LED lights in advance and standing back and enjoying what I had done. We even had a practice BBQ with family before so that could try out the space."  

This would allow you to celebrate before the wedding day.

LET'S DIG A BIT DEEPERInto The Negatives

Backyard wedding positives
  1. You have to do more of the work
  2. Who is going to do the work?
  3. Keeping the neighbours happy
  4. The weather
  5. Planning the wedding can be nerve racking

01 & 02 You have to do more of the work

Your perfectionism sets in.You have all these great ideas, You want your backyard wedding to be perfect, often this requires a lot more work and planning than you first thought. 

You think it will be cheaper and a more relaxed option, but who is going to build the things that you might need. Maybe that pergola is only a vision in your head that still needs to designed and build.

What about who is going to clean and tidy your whole house, yard and then set up for a wedding. This can get overwhelming and stressful quite quickly. 

Many couples are surprised at the high degree of organisation and attention to detail required in lots of different areas all at the same time.  You start to feel like you need to be logistic experts. Forever Yours Flowers can teach you how to be a logistics expert. 

This advanced level of planning can be exhausting and a bit of a downer for some soon-to-be-weds.

TIP: some bottle shops allow you to return unopened cartons of wine, beer and pre-mix drinks, so check your local store's return policy first.

Planning the wedding alcohol for your wedding

Planning the wedding alcohol for your wedding

03. Keeping the neighbours happy

Your neighbours might not be happy. You need to have a logistics plan for where everyone is going to park. 

Cranky wedding neighbours

Keeping the neighbour happy on your special day is very important. Don't let the police spoil your celebration.

  • They complain about the noise
  • Traffic in the street
  • There is no parking, visitors are blocking the road

04. The weather

Your home is not big enough if the weather turns bad, you need to have a backup plan. The just in case it rains plain. 

Think about the weather when you are planning your amazing backyard wedding

Think about the weather when you are planning your amazing backyard wedding

You have weigh out the positives and negatives and  still have your heart set on a backyard wedding.

Let's do this together! 

Planning the wedding can be nerve racking but it doesn't have to be

The thing is, Forever Yours Flowers loves Backyard Weddings and together I can help you create your dream, your vision, your special day.  Book an appointment today for a Coffee and a Chat with Beryl now. 

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