"I never thought I could create my own dream wedding  with this much expertise  ..."

1 in 3 couples have always dreamed to designing their own wedding.

You always have dreamed of designing your wedding and I know I can I do this, but where do you start?

Learn how to become 'The Expert' in your wedding

From Beginning to End ... while Saving Time & Money 

Marry Me written in the sand

The day you dreamed of is here & you are now engaged ... 

OH NO! Now What? What do I do? Where do I start?

The panic is setting in, I have to do this on my own,

who will help me?

Do I need a wedding planner?

I have to set a budget but I also have a dream?

Relax, breath, take a minute we are here for you ... 

We love all weddings and we love yours.

We LOVE to celebrate, we DREAM of celebrating with you the wins along the way; the engagement

the ring, finding of the dress, the right venue for your Dream 
& lots & lots of other things along the way

It's a special & fun time in your life so let's have an adventure together

There is always a Bonus:
A private Facebook group dedicated to celebrating & helping. Spreading the LOVE

'This is Your course'
A little bit about what you will get ... and much much more

It's Your dream
Helping you understand your Dream. You know your Dream better than anyone else, but you don't know where to start.

Plan your special day from
Beginning to End without Stress and Overwhelm


You Feel Misunderstood

You feel like you are always trying to justify what you want and your Dream.

You want someone that understands exactly how you are feeling, whether it's happy or frustrated.

Disagreements with your family over how much to spend on flowers? We’ll help you through it.

Dream vs Budget

You're worried about the cost of your Dream & if you'll have to compromise on everything.

Learn the money saving tricks so that you stick to your budget & still have an amazing day.

There will also be some techniques to learn if you want to DIY


Nervous talking to Vendors
Talking to vendors makes you break out in hives because you’re so nervous. You want to get a good deal, but you don't know where to start.

Learn what to say & how to say it so that you can get the best deal possible while getting what you want.



Fit to Be Wed

Learn to love your body. We know you want to slim down for your big day, but did you know exercise also helps you reduce stress and stay happier?

Our certified exercise physiologists will work with you to keep you fit and healthy for your big day.

Stay on track with our support.

Support & Community

Trying to plan a wedding can feel so lonely. You feel like no-one is seeing your dream. 

With our course, you get a whole group of people, going through exactly the same situation, to help and support you.

So that you can stop going it alone.


Weddings are fun and exciting.

It's one of the best days you will have so why does it have to be so stressful?

Guess what? It doesn't.

Learn from us and have fun & enjoyment along the way with our easy to follow step-by-step system.

Including, Vendor Emails & PDF's and Facebook chats so you know what to do, when to do it, what to say and can ask us questions throughout the process.. 

Every moment leading to your wedding day is special and we want to share our hints & tricks on all things

This new program is being created by you and for you. 

 Join us now on building an amazing course for you & future couples. 

And guess what?

The skills we teach you can use again and again, for all of your future family events, like 1st birthdays, anniversary parties, family reunions and so much more.

Level 1:
'Passion & Drive'
The Foundation Level

This level of the course is for the person that likes their independence but still needs help along the way.

6 week step by step wedding planning course with bonuses along the way

  • Private Facebook community
  • A safe place to ask questions & express your views without judgement or negativity
  • Email series on
    How to talk to vendors & what to ask?
  • How to interview & get the right vendor for your Dream?
  • Learn how to get family & friends to understand your Dream
  • 'Fit to be Wed'
    1 x Assessment
    1 x Follow up
    exercise specialists to help you along the way
  • 3 live Q&A's where our experts answer the questions that worry you

Level 2:
'Silver Dreams'
A little bit more personal

This level of the course is for the person that likes their independence but wants some special help on their 'Wedding Journey'

Start with The Foundation  Level plus you will also get

  • Private Facebook community
  • 1 x One on one 20 minute coaching call to help you get started on your adventure
  • 2 extra Facebook lives so that you get more chances to ask questions and receive support
  • 1 x One on one coaching call with one of our exercise specialists to help you on the way 
  • 'Fit to be Wed' 
    1 x Assessment
    1 x Follow up
    exercise specialists to help you along the way
  • 3 live Q&A's where our experts answer the questions that worry you
Level 3:
'Golden Intimacy'
A lot of hand-holding along the way

This level of the course is for the person that is would like a lot more help from our 'Expert Wedding Planners'

Level 1 & Level 2 plus extra help. You still need 

  • Everything that is in Level 1 & 2 is included in the Golden Intimacy level plus
  • 3 x One on one 30 minute coaching calls to help you get started on your adventure and keep you on the right track
  •  an extra 4 weeks to help you find you dream so that you get more chances to ask questions and receive support
  • Additional help available if you need



  • A community of like minded people
  • Somewhere safe to have your say but definitely NO negativity only encouragement.
  • Support & love
  • Passion & a place to feel special
  • and of course many more and exciting things that a community  can give to you
  • Live Q&A's where we can all help answer your questions, I saw this dress, where can I find it 
  • and  much much more


  • Talking Vendor, why do they use such complicated words, we we teach you how to understand the process. Why does a florist say Boutonnière, isn't that a buttonhole or a flower thingy on the suit jacket?
  • Email templates to send to vendors
  • How do I start? What should I do first? Why should I book so far in advance.
  • Understanding the vendor contracts and paying deposits
  • and again much much more


  • Help along the way by our amazing wedding planners
  • An exercise program that can help you along the way
  • Stress relieving techniques
  • A strategy to prevent the Bridezilla moments ...
    From Bridezilla to Bride-chilla as we say in the trade
  • Ways to deal with difficult people that can't see your Dream
  • Learn how to include you & your partners colour dream
  • How to put a wedding mood-board together that will make everyone happy 
  • plus many more bonuses along the way
Nail art, manicure, wedding, engagement

You have always wanted to plan your own wedding

You don't know where to start

You are nervous to talk to the vendors 

You're fearful that the vendors will charge too much

Wedding Rings, marriage, gold rings

A Safe community to express your views 

You want to talk and say things without judgement 

understand me

We have our own safe community where negativity & nasty comments are not allowed

Reducing stress can be as easy as just watching the clouds pass by.
Help with Stress & Exercise. 

You don't know where to start

You are nervous to talk to the Vendors 

You're fearful that the vendors will charge too much

Who are we?

Beryl, Owner/Designer
Head Textile Artist|Graphic Designer & Wedding Planner

Beryl is the founder & owner of Forever Yours, flowers & event planning. With over 30 years experience she is here to help you on your amazing adventure, planning your wedding & your flowers of course. 

Carol - Communications Director
Pilates|Exercise guru 
Carol is caring and very professional. With qualifications in Pilates and exercise, she is here for you.
You don't know where to start, Carol is here to help you not only with your exercise but she has amazing techniques to teach you on how to reduce stress & panic.