What if there was an Easier Way to Plan Your Dream Wedding Within Your Budget Without Total Overwhelm? Introducing - Australia’s First Online Wedding Expo!


Australia’s First Online Wedding Expo

A 7-Day Online Wedding Expo to help couples plan their Dream Wedding and Connect with Wedding Vendors who care.

Wedding Planning Shouldn’t be this Hard!

You want your Dream Wedding… Only Problem is… Where on Earth Do You Start?

There are 3 Main Hurdles Keeping You From Your Dream Wedding…

Which One is Keeping You Stuck:

  • So Much To Learn & Everyone Has an Opinion: Friends, Family, Random people in online groups, they all have an opinion and every time you’ve made a decision, a new suggestion has you spinning. Not to mention, having to learn about dresses, flowers, photography - it can be overwhelming.
  • Spending so much time Finding The Right Vendor: Hours and hours trawling the Internet, searching for reviews and testimonials, so many meetings, all to make sure they are the right fit.
  • It’s all much more stressful and a lonely experience: This wasn’t how you imagined planning your Dream Wedding. You were supposed to feel happy, ecstatic even, not quite so stressed out.

It feels like there are so many things standing in your way which is causing you to:


Overthink & Doubt all the Decisions You Make


Planning a Wedding That Looks Nothing Like Your Dream

And no matter how hard you try, you’re drowning in Wedding Planning Details. Sound Familiar?

Hi! I’m Beryl!

I have 8 years experience creating Exquisite Artificial Flower Arrangements for Brides (and couples!).

The Idea for this Online Expo came about when yet another Traditional Expo was cancelled and it made me think: There must be a Better Way!

So, an Online Wedding Expo was born - Australia’s First (that I know of)...

And not just any old Expo! 

One that really helps you plan your wedding easily while connecting with Vendors who care about making your day special. All from the comfort of your own home.

Wedding Vendors who put you first! And an informative event to save you hours and hours researching online.

Want to Join Us?

That’s Why We’ve Done the Work For You…


  • Spending a Couple of Hours Learning from Experts in the Industry with Decades of Experience
  • Connecting with Australian East Coast Wedding Vendors, who are Amazing and Care about You
  • Not having to spend hours & hours trawling the Internet looking for the Right Vendor
  • Connecting with other Couples in a Supportive Group all going through the same experience
  • Access to a treasure trove of helpful planning Worksheets and Documents to make it all Easier
  • Fantastic Prizes to be won During the Expo
  • Not having to leave the House, Find Parking and walk around in a crush of people wondering if you’ll have to take a test in a few days (you know what I mean)
  • Plus, Essential Stress Busting session so you can plan in Calm Confidence going forward

At The End of The Expo, You’ll Have:

  • A Clear Plan for your Wedding including: The dress, theme, flowers, clothing, invitations, venue setup etc.
  • Connected with a Range of Amazing Wedding Vendors
  • Wedding Planning Skills, including: handling stress, Difficult Conversations, Negotiating with Vendors; you can use for the rest of your wedding planning.

So you can Finally stop stressing about whether it will all come together & Look how you imagined…

And move forward with calm confidence while planning…

Plus, look forward to Married Life knowing you're starting it out as you dreamed.

Here’s What You're Getting Inside The Expo…

7 Days of Online Sessions  with Vendor Experts to take you from ‘What do I do first (or next)’ to Amazing Beautiful Wedding.

Each Evening (and Weekend Afternoon), we’ll be running Online Sessions Over Zoom to help you work through the Key Steps of Wedding Planning. We’ve taken the Highs and Lows of Wedding Planning and cut it down into the Essential Steps you can take RIGHT NOW to plan your Dream Wedding from Beginning to End. Let us Shorten the Learning Curve for You!

28 Sessions Covering:

Handmade Artificial Wedding Flower Bouquet Australian Made


Bridesmaids / Mother In Law / Mother of the Bride Dresses

Wedding Planning Survival




Stress Busting Sessions


DIY Photo Booth, Photo Frame, Wedding, fun



Wedding Party Decisions

Wedding Date

Men's Attire

Hair & Makeup


Favours for Guests / Presents etc

Handmade, hand crafted Scarlett Red Leather Rose Bouquet in our studio in Melbourne


Mood Board / Themes

Jewelry / Accessories


On the Day Coordination

Food & Catering

Music & DJ

And Q&A Sessions

  • List of bonuses here

Wedding Favour, Bonbonniere, gift, present

Attend the Wedding Expo to Plan Your Dream Wedding Without Overwhelm and Less Stress


28 Sessions Designed to Take You Through the Entire Wedding Planning Process (Valued at $199 per session - total value $5,572 per session)







Praise and Testimonials

Just from the first meeting I had with Beryl I could see how amazing she is at what she does..

I'm so grateful ... she was so bubbly and passionate and more than happy to help me.

Suzan Patto

Thank you for my beautiful flowers, for sharing a bit of your life with me and for all the advice for the big day. Forever grateful .

Her flowers are very high quality, they tricked a few people on my wedding day! She was sensitive to my budget and generous with her time.

Beryl made making my wedding flowers a fun experience, not just a job. Thank you Beryl!

Shandar S

Have a Burning Question?

Here’s What’s Come Up for Other Couples…

I want to touch the fabric and see things in person. How can an online Expo help me?

We get it! Once you’ve connected with your Vendors in the Expo, you can book an in-person follow-up appointment with them so you can see & touch fabric etc in person.

Optionally, Vendors may be able to send you samples etc in the mail.

What if I can’t make it live?

Yes, there are a lot of sessions - there’s a lot to planning a wedding. Don’t worry there will be Recordings available, for a small fee to have lifetime access.

Will this help me plan my dream wedding

That is the goal! The sessions are designed to be informative about each topic while also introducing you to some potential Vendors. Plus, you’ll have access to the Vendor Directory, with more Vendor options. 

Once you sign up, you’ll get access to our Wedding Planner Document which you can use to track your big decisions and the Wedding Vendors you’re interested in contacting.

Why is it so cheap to join?

You're right...maybe I should increase the price? Just kidding!

But in all seriousness, I believe the information in this Online Wedding Expo should be made available to everyone (no matter their situation), which is why the ticket price is so affordable.

With that being said, I can't confirm if the price will stay this low in the future so I recommend you take advantage of it while you can!

Where is it happening?

Everything will be run in a Facebook Group and the sessions will happen over Zoom ((easily join by clicking a link).

The Facebook Group will open a couple of weeks before the Event Starts and will close after the event is over.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s time to decide…

Here’s the Truth: Nothing changes if nothing changes

If you’re sick and tired of planning a wedding with stress and overwhelm

If you’ve ever though: ‘This should be easier’

If you’re fed up listening to all the competing advice and opinions from friends, family, online groups

Then straight up? This Expo will help you

Because ‘muddling through’ on your own is a surefire way to stay struggling and stressed. And you deserve better than that.

So… you in>